Our Team

Vineet Chawla is a highly thought oriented person, who likes to understand everything to the finest level and plans meticulously. He is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur and content marketing expert.

Founder of AVRA Online – He is an Indian business executive, author, and philanthropist.

Roshni Chawla

Roshni Chawla is a liberal traveler and a kickass blogger with diversified career experience. From being an IT Project Manager to an entrepreneur was never easy. With the experience of working with several brands, she was born and raised in Kolkata. Traveling – a quintessential essence in her life; every day, she added new jewels to her crown.

During her academic years, she traveled throughout southern India. Later, she fell in love during an MBA course in NCR and got married. Now, she has a happy nest with two chirping daughters and a mindful husband. She has left no stone unturned to prove that hard work and positivity are keys to success.